Singapore Business Formation Report : Quarter 2 – 2016


  • Total of 17,628 businesses were formed in Q2 2016, increase of 10.8% against the preceding quarter. It was increased 10.4% in the corresponding previous quarter in 2015.
  • Continuing the trend, Private Limited Company accounted for more than half of the total new business formation. With 9335 companies formed, it accounted for 53% of the total business formations in Q2 2016.
  • Sole Proprietorship registration held the second largest share of 40%, declining from the 41.6% held in the previous quarter.
  • Exempt Private Limited Companies (EPC), with 7904 registrations accounted for 84.7% of the total Private Limited companies formed during the quarter.
  • In terms of local and foreign shareholding, the share of the wholly locally held companies, which usually is the highest, dropped to 48% while the share of the foreign held companies increased to 52%. The share of 100% foreign held companies surged from 37% to 39% in Q2 of 2016.
  • The share of subsidiaries of Singapore companies marginally increased from 51% in the first quarter to 53% in the second quarter.
  • Companies from India, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, the United States, China and Australia led the way in setting up Singapore – based business subsidiaries.
  • Entrepreneurs from India, Malaysia and China accounted for the leading investors in Singapore. The Share of local entrepreneurs and investors setting up companies dipped marginally to 56% from 57%.

The Report is Presented in Five Parts:

  1. Business Formation by Entity Type
  2. Business Formation by Share Capital
  3. Business Formation by shareholding structure
  4. Business Formation by Industry
  5. Business formation by shareholder’s country of origin
  1. Business Formation by Entity:

    Business Formation by Entity

  2. Business Formation by Share Capital:

    Business Formation by Share Capital

  3. Business Formation by Shareholding Structure:

    Business Formation by Shareholding Structure

  4. Business Formation by Industry:

    Business Formation by Industry

  5. Business Formation by Shareholder’s Country of Origin:

    Business Formation by Shareholder’s Country of Origin

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