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Company formation in Brazil

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    • Minimum 2 shareholder (Individual/ Corporate Entity).
    • Minimum 1 director.
    • It is mandatory to appoint one local resident director.
    • There is no requirement for the shareholders to be Brazilian. However, Foreign shareholder who do not have a permanent residence in Brazil need a legal representative who has a permanent residence in brazil. We can provide you this service.
    • There is no requirement of minimum capital as such in Societada Limitada (LLC).
    • A local registered office address is mandatory.
    • There is no requirement to be physically present at the time of company registration, but banks in Brazil may require the physical presence of the company principals at the time of account opening as part of their due diligence procedure.

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    Company Formation Services
    Incorporation Services:
    • Company Formation.
    • Provision for the Local Registered Office Address in Brazil for the 1st year.
    • Provision for all representation in Brazil (attorney-in-fact as well as legal administrator) for the 1st year.
    • Assistance in the Corporate Bank Account Opening Process.
    Other Maintenance & Compliance Services:
    • Renewal for the Local Registered Office Address in Brazil Annually.
    • Renewal for all representation in Brazil (attorney-in-fact as well as legal administrator) Annually.
    • Accounting (depending on the volume).
    • Drafting of the financial statements Statutory Audit (depends on volume and complexity).
    • Corporate tax filing (depends on complexity).


    Approximately 45 working days provided that all legal, investment, and business requirements are met by the client.

    Register a Company in BRAZIL with us
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    Over the last few years, Brazil has experienced an astounding economic growth. The largest country in South America; Brazil or the Federative Republic of Brazil, is a regional economic power. Starting a business in Brazil is a viable option for ambitious entrepreneurs looking to expand internationally. It is the ninth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP and by purchasing power parity. A leader among emerging markets, the economy of Brazil mainly relies on Mining, Agriculture, Manufacturing and the Service Industry. Listed below are a few reasons why setting up a business in Brazil could prove advantageous for your business:

    • A pro-business government that actively works to raise employment levels, consumption power and income, while trying to usher more financial programs thereby increasing business dynamics.

    • It has a huge growing consumer market.

    • It has an abundant and diversified energy resource.

    • It is one of the world’s largest producer and exporter of minerals and food.

    • Incorporating a company in Brazil is especially attractive for the Oil and Gas, IT/BPO, Life Sciences, Private Equity and Venture Capital and the Tourism industry.

    • It has stable economic growth and low inflation.

    • It has a well-positioned economy globally due to its size and interaction with other economies