Why Company Formation in Ukraine?

Company Formation in Ukraine

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    • Minimum 1 Shareholder (Individual/Corporate Entity).
    • Minimum 1 Director.
    • Shareholders can be of any nationality. However, at least 1 Director should be Ukrainian Citizen/PR certificate holder at the time of incorporation. Later a foreigner with work permit can be appointed as Director.
    • There is no minimum capital requirement.
    • A local registered office address.

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    Company Formation Services
    Incorporation services:
    • Preparation of all needed documents (POA, Minutes, applications, Charter etc) in Ukrainian and English.
    • Assistance in company formation
    • State Registration and obtaining VAT Payer certificate
    • Assistance in opening a bank account
    Other Maintenance & Compliance Services:
    • Assistance in obtaining work permit and Temporary residency certificate (if needed).
    • Provision of Nominee Director.
    • Provision of Legal Address.
    • Company Secretarial Services and compliances.
    • Book keeping and Preparation of financial statements.
    • Filing tax and annual returns.


    It usually takes 1 week for setting up a company in Ukraine. However, the registration with the Tax Authorities takes around 2 weeks.

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    Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe. It is bordered by countries like Russia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Slovakia as well as the Black Sea and Sea of Azov.

    • Location

      Ukraine is located strategically at the crossroads of Russian, European and Asian markets making it a gateway to venture into the nearby markets.

    • Diverse Sectors

      It has diverse economic sectors such as Agri-Business, Energy, Transport, IT, etc. It also has a very large heavy-industry base and is one of the largest refiners of metallurgical products in Eastern Europe. The country is also well known for its production of high-technological goods and transport products, such as Antonov aircraft and various private and commercial vehicles.

    • Taxation

      Ukraine’s standard corporate income tax rate is 18% and general VAT rate is 20%. There are also certain transactions subject to 0% and 7% VAT rates as well. Tax registration as a VAT payer is compulsory if the volume of an entity's taxable transactions exceeds UAH 1 million for the past 12 consecutive months. Until 2021, tax holidays are available to taxpayers with annual income less than UAH 3 million, provided they meet certain requirements.

    • Swift Processing

      The time required for formation of a company in Ukraine is much lower as compared to other countries.