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Company Formation in France

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    • Minimum 1 shareholder (Individual/ Corporate Entity).
    • Minimum 1 director.
    • A director or shareholder can be the same or different person of any nationality.
    • 100% local or foreign shareholding allowed.
    • No Minimum Capital Required but it is but it is advisable to start with a minimum capital of EUR 5000.
    • A local registered office address is mandatory.
    • The Director/ Representative of the company need to visit France for the bank account opening process.

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    Company Formation Services
    Incorporation Services:
    • Company Formation.
    • Provision for the Local Registered Office Address in France for the 1st Year.
    • Tax Registration.
    • Assistance in the Corporate Bank Account Opening Process.
    Other Maintenance & Compliance Services:
    • Renewal for the Local Registered Office Address in France Annually.
    • Accounting (depending on the volume).
    • Drafting of the financial statements (depends on volume and complexity).
    • Corporate tax filing (depends on complexity).


    Once we have all the documents as requested, incorporating your company in France will just take 10 days but please consider the time you will take to provide all the necessary valid documents and power to us in order to establish your company in France.
    The corporate bank account opening process will require 6 - 8 weeks to complete after incorporation. The above timeline is an approximation. However, best efforts will be exercised to work with the bank to see that the account is opened and is processed as quickly as possible.

    Register a Company in FRANCE with us
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    An advanced and industrialized country, France is the third-largest economy in Europe and the sixth largest in the world in terms of GDP. Its pro-business environment, sophisticated financial market, and highly educated workforce make it an attractive place to do business. France is also one of the most visited countries in the world and its cultural influence is widely recognized. Let's have a look at the reasons why company formation in France is popular.

    • France comprises the second largest population density in Europe

    • It has an excellent purchasing power

    • It has a competitive market and offers exciting business opportunities to foreign investors

    • The French workforce is qualified and productive

    • France comprises of one of the most well designed and efficient transport networks in the world providing a fast and reliable way to transport and deliver goods

    • France is located in the heart of Europe and shares its borders with Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. France also has direct links to the UK, Algeria and Tunisia. This strategically placed location offers international organisations a great opportunity to sell their products in the European Market.