Non linking of Aadhar-PAN by non-resident and steps for re-activation

1. Difficulty faced by Non-resident:

Non-resident assessees face challenges in filing their tax returns as due to the non-linkage of PAN and Aadhaar.

2. Way to re-activation of PAN

a. Updating Residential Status on ITD portal is must:

– CBDT has directed assessees to update their profile on the ITD portal, including their Residential Status option.
– Regular updates are recommended whenever there is a change in residential status.

b. Contacting jurisdictional officer for non-residential status proof:

– NRIs should contact their jurisdictional officer through e-mail, providing a copy of their PAN card and passport showing the period of stay outside India to support their claim of non-residential status.

c.Email communication for Non-resident assessees with inactive PAN due to non-linkage:

– Non-resident assessees whose PAN has been made inoperative due to non-linking with Aadhaar can send an email to Income-tax India.
– Email addresses for and
– Copy of the email can also be marked to
– Required attachments: Coloured scanned copy of the PAN Card and supporting documents proving non-residential status, such as a passport copy showing residence outside India.

3. Processing time for PAN activation:

– The PAN activation process usually takes two working days.
– It is advisable to complete the above process well in advance to ensure timely filing of tax returns.