Netherlands – The Gateway to ​Europe

“The world’s top tech companies choose the Netherlands as the place to conquer Europe. They have very good reasons.”

The Netherlands has a vivid IT industry and is one of the world’s largest exporters of IT services, ranking fourth behind the US, UK, and Germany. Global players in the digital space, including Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Verizon Cisco, Huawei, Tata, Infosys, Oracle and Google have chosen the Netherlands for their activities.

Digital companies tap into the unparalleled technical infrastructure, the highly educated, dynamic workforce and an advantageous tax structure. The Netherlands is home to their headquarters, data centers and/or distribution centers. Cloud, Data and IT software companies based here benefit from a tech-savvy and agile English (and other languages) speaking workforce. The Netherlands is known for being a noticeable and a popular country for testing innovation.

Why choose the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is known to be an incredible starting point when it comes to expanding your business to Europe. This is due to its central location in the heart of Europe. Furthermore, it offers the best connectivity in the world and has the lowest latency on a European level when it comes to distributing data.

The well-developed digital ecosystem has attracted many foreign companies entering the European market. These include Google, Softlayer, GoDaddy, Huawei, Microsoft, Netflix, Uber and NetApp to name a few. Apple, to give one more example, uses the Netherlands as a distribution point for all its company software updates.

Strategically located in the middle of Europe’s largest markets, the Netherlands has also established itself as a magnet for many international companies and is a leading site for European or regional headquarters. Being a stable country with a friendly corporate tax structure, a highly educated, multilingual workforce and a superior logistics and technology infrastructure, the Netherlands offers companies an attractive climate to compete successfully in Europe. The quality of life (Amsterdam ranks 12th in the world and eighth in Europe when it comes to the quality of living) is a nice bonus.

When we speak about the digital hub, we refer to a specific part of the digital infrastructure consisting of backbone connections, Internet exchanges, data centers, cloud companies and the ecosystems that support it. The success of being a digital hub ensures a golden future for the Netherlands due to the following reasons:-


  • Data Cables and Backbone Provider
  • Hotspot for Exchanging Data
  • A Unique Ecosystem of Data Connectivity
  • Data Centers – Colocation
  • Cloud Providers – International Big Cloud Players
  • The Third ‘MAINPORT’


For scale-ups, Fortune 500 leaders and small to mid-sized businesses, the Netherlands is the desired location to established international headquarters.

“If it’s a success in the Netherlands, It’s a success in Europe”