How to register a company in UAE from India?

In recent years, more and more businessmen are exploring the possibility to Register a Company in UAE from India. In this insight, we discuss the requirements and procedures to Register a UAE Company and set up Business in UAE for Indian Businessmen and other Foreign Nationals.

The requirements for registering a company in UAE keep changing to make them more business-friendly for foreign investors. One of the latest changes that have been introduced is that a local sponsor is no longer required for mainland companies unless the company operates in a strategic sector. Registering your UAE Company to start doing business in UAE has just become simpler.

Steps to register your Company in UAE:-

1. Business Activities Description

The nature of your business activities and the whether or not you will be only exporting services or products Vs. trading locally determine your establishment’s business model and choice of authorities under which your UAE company will register. Furthermore, some activities require specific approvals.

If your preference is to Register a company in Dubai and in case you are only exporting you have a choice of several specialized economic business zones. Alternatively, you may register your Company as a Mainland company in Dubai.

2. Trading Name Registration for Company in UAE

A company is required to register a Trade Name to be used for doing business in UAE. The trade name to be used must not be previously reserved by another business and it must follow the UAE trade name reservation rules. Certain names and terms are prohibited.

3. Choice of Business Jurisdictions Based on Your Needs and Requirements

The choice of Business Jurisdiction is largely determined by the physical location of the Company and vice versa. Apart from business considerations in relation to the chosen area to operate in, different Jurisdictions have different characteristics/regulations etc. Our expert consultants are available to help you choose the location and jurisdiction that is best suited to your business objectives

4. Memorandum of Association

The Memorandum of Association of your UAE company stipulates your company’s structure and internal regulations. Our helpful consultants will advise on the clauses that are best suited to your requirements.

A Local Sponsor Agreement is still no longer required and foreign nationals can have 100% ownership of their companies unless the company operates in a strategic sector.

5. Business License Application

A business license is required for doing business in UAE. The authority that will grant the business license depends on whether the company is Mainland or under one of the available Free Zones. Depending on the activities of the company additional approval may be needed from other government bodies.

6. Investor Visa and Emirates ID Application

Investor Visa and Emirates Id ensure that the owner and staff of the UAE Company can travel to and live in UAE with no restrictions.

7. Open Company Bank A/c.

Of Course, no company can operate without a bank account and there is a big choice of credible banks in UAE to choose from. Nowadays the procedure for opening a bank account tends to be lengthy but our experienced consultants are well equipped to assist you in the best possible way.

8. UAE Company Registration Cost

UAE Company Registration Cost is dependent on several factors some of which have been above. Our experience and expertise allow us to advise our clients on the best choices that enable their UAE company to operate efficiently and at the same time avoid unnecessary costs during the incorporation phase. We make UAE company registration from India both hassle-free and cost-efficient.