Business opportunities in the Netherlands to start your business

Do you wish to invest in the Netherlands? Dutch businesses can now work with you in the various sustainable fields of water, food, energy, and more.

Supporting ambitious entrepreneurs and startups

Today, the government really wants to help those ambitious startups and other entrepreneurs to grow quickly. Startups are new businesses that have only recently been launched and hence fast access to the networks and finance are very vital for them.

Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan

The Dutch government is now supporting entrepreneurs, including startups, through its Ambitious Entrepreneurship Action Plan. It is indeed important that they have better access to capital, knowledge, innovation, and the global market. To achieve this and help entrepreneurs, the government has set aside €75 million for the immediate below:

  • Provide early-stage finance so that the entrepreneurs can research whether an idea or product is technically feasible and suitable for the market;
  • Strengthen the international position of startups and growing businesses and attract foreign startups to the Netherlands eventually;
  • Provide temporary residence permits for the non-EU entrepreneurs, creating opportunities for them to start a business in the Netherlands;
  • Fund Eurostars projects which are innovative technology development projects involving business and knowledge partners from at least two different European countries. Eurostars funding has supported many innovations one such as medicines to combat gastrointestinal infections;
  • Provide funding under Horizon 2020 which is the European Commission program to stimulate European research and innovation.


Investing in the Netherlands

There are plenty of reasons to invest in the Netherlands, for example, such as below:

  • Its geographical location, on the coast of Western Europe, means the Netherlands has 500 million potential customers close by;
  • Infrastructure is highly developed and includes Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, the Port of Rotterdam, roads, railway lines, and broadband access;
  • Dutch people have a high level of education thanks to the excellent education system. Moreover, it’s around 90% of Dutch people that speak English, and also many who speak other foreign languages.


Trade and investment

Dutch companies can actually work with you on global challenges as aforementioned in the fields of water, food, energy, health, and security.