Advantages of Company Registration in Hungary

Hungary, located in the Central European region shares its borders with seven other countries, i.e., Ukraine, Austria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania and Slovakia. The main driver of its economic growth can be attributed to industries such as Agriculture, Automobile, Electronics, Construction, Mining and Textile among others. It has signed bilateral tax treaties with 92 countries such as India, Germany, USA, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom, etc. in order to avoid Double Taxation. It is a member of the European Union (EU), North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE). Following are the benefits of company formation in Hungary:

  • It enjoys the lowest tax rate across Europe

  • Strategically located in the middle of Europe, it is convenient for cross border activities

  • Easy to obtain VAT registrations that allow for trading freely across EUCost-efficient company registration, set-up and maintenance as compared to other EU countries

Requirements to Open a Company

Basic Requirements

  • Minimum one Shareholder (any nationality)
  • Minimum one Director (any nationality)
  • Minimum Share Capital to be invested is HUF 3,000,000
  • A locally registered office address

Documents Required

Individual Shareholder

  • Mention Business activities of the company
  • KYC - Passport Copy
  • Address Proof – Bank statement, Driving License, Utility Bill and Credit Card Statement
  • Total Share Capital to be invested, Number and Class of Shares and the allocation of shares

Corporate Shareholder

  • Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  • MOA & AOA
  • Address Proof – Utility Bill or Bank Statement
  • Proposed Business Activities
  • List of Shareholders and Directors

Our Services

  • Name Reservation
  • Assistance in company incorporation in Hungary
  • Assistance in the opening of a Corporate Bank Account
  • Assistance in VAT Registration
  • Provision for a Registered Office
  • Chamber of Commerce Registration
  • Auditing, Accounting & Taxation (if required)
  • Post Incorporation Services (if required)

Time Period

Opening a company in Hungary takes generally takes 1 week to complete along with the formalities.
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