Foreign exchange Management Act (FEMA) Compliance services

  • Representational Services

    Annual Reporting under FEMA – At the end of the Accounting year the company has to prepare its Annual report of the International Transactions which are governed by FEMA guidelines. We produce quality financial statements for both public and private companies, funds and other organisations obliged to report under the FEMA.

  • Consultancy of various FEMA Regulations

    We offer to our client highly reliable FEMA Regulations consultancy services. The FEMA Regulations consultancy services encompass the entire gamut of foreign exchange law, including:

    • Investments in India (Overseas Investments)
    • Investments by Foreign Enterprises, Foreign Residents in India (FDI)
    • Non Resident Indians (NRI)/ Persons of Indian origin (PIO)
    • FIPB (Foreign Investment Promotion Board)
    • External commercial Borrowings (ECB) etc.
  • Advisory services on Import and Export

    In international trade, the importation and exportation of goods are limited by import quotas and mandates from the customs authority. In addition, the importation and exportation of goods are subject to trade agreements between the importing and exporting jurisdictions.

    S K Patodia provide legal opinions and consultancy on Import and Export laws which helps you to implement best practices in your business.

  • Consultancy regarding compounding of offences

    The compounding of offence is a short cut method to avoid litigation.

    The following offences are compoundable-

    • Offences punishable with fine only.
    • Offences punishable with fine or imprisonment.
    • Offences punishable with fines or imprisonment or both.

    We provide opinions and consultancy relating to compounding of offences.

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