Company formation in France is a viable opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to expand their business globally as it has the fifth largest economy in the world and is known for best labour productivity. Additionally, its per capita income from the service and goods sector is deemed to be one of the highest in Europe. The globalisation of the French economy is an established fact, which can be measured by the dynamic nature of its trade with Europe and the rest of the world. Let's have a look at the reasons why company formation in France is popular.

  • France comprises the second largest population density in Europe

  • It has an excellent purchasing power

  • It has a competitive market and offers exciting business opportunities to foreign investors

  • The French workforce is qualified and productive

  • France comprises of one of the most well designed and efficient transport networks in the world providing a fast and reliable way to transport and deliver goods

  • France is located in the heart of Europe and shares its borders with Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy and Spain. France also has direct links to the UK, Algeria and Tunisia. This strategically placed location offers international organisations a great opportunity to sell their products in the European Market.



  • Minimum 1 Shareholder is required (any nationality)
  • No requirement of Director, instead 1 manager is to be appointed by the shareholders who must be a resident of the member state of European Union
  • Minimum Share Capital of 1 Euro
  • Registered Office Address


  • At least 2 Completed copies of Application Form, Articles of Association and other documents signed by all the shareholders
  • A Certificate issued by the bank certifying that the amount of initial share capital has been paid up by the shareholders
  • Copy of notice published in the appropriate journal for company formation in France
  • Passport Copies of the shareholders along with a declaration stating absence of any criminal record against them
  • Proof of company’s registered office address (rent agreement / lease agreement)
  • A certificate ascertaining the names of the shareholders, the number of shares subscribed and the amount of share capital paid up by each of them


  • Checking of Name, Activity, Location, etc. and reserving the same
  • Evaluation and Orientation regarding the most appropriate tax category
  • Evaluation and Orientation regarding the most appropriate company form
  • Preparation, Drafting and Elaboration of Company documents (like Articles of Association or By- Laws)
  • Complete analysis of all the other required corporate documents
  • Filing of Articles of Association or By-laws with the CFE
  • Publication of Notice in the appropriate journal
  • Prestigious Address
  • Forwarding of Incoming Post by Email


It generally takes about 8 – 10 days for company formation in France
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