We encourage and attract the best and brightest talent in the CA Profession. We seek people who not only offer skills and experience but who are also passionate about what they do. This creates a diverse and strong team that can adapt dynamically to our challenges.

This ultimately results in great, long-term business relationships with our employees, clients, and partners. We create collaborative teams that value individual talent in order to deliver business solutions that work.

Also, we are firmly committed to keeping pace with changes in industry. In order to do this, we provide the tools, information and support you need to expand your knowledge base and continue to grow. So, we give you a real career not just another job. Are you interested?

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Accountant (Patna)
Accounts Executive (Patna)


SKP provides a supportive work culture to employees by initiating some good policies for employee welfare. There is openness towards discussing new ideas and the support of the senior management is quite encouraging. There is respect for an individual and team working is valued. There is definitely a healthy work environment provided. There are good practices and initiatives that are being actioned by various disciplines that can be replicated across the organization.Some of the critical elements that define our culture are cross domain experience and work life balance.

Just as an organization needs the right talent to drive its business objectives, people need the right environment to grow and achieve their career goals; and SKP provides such an environment to employees for mutual benefit.

Our corporate culture is open and inclusive, irrespective of your experience, What sets SKP apart is the support, encouragement and nurturing provided to employees at every step……just like a family..

We at SKP believes in:


Welcome to the SKP Alumni Network

Our pride and faith in S K Patodia & Associates employees remains unwavering, even long after they cease to be a part of the Firm. As our alumni, you have played an important role in building the credibility of the Firm and have contributed immensely to our growth, which is why we continue to build and sustain an emotional connect with you.

The alumni for our firm spans across countries and industries through the 26 years of our existence. We firmly believe in building, maintaining and growing relationships with all our existing and past team members. We aim to build a lifelong relationship with each or our employees.

“Let’s connect, collaborate and engage!”