advantages of company formation in Kenya

Kenya, officially known as the Republic of Kenya is surrounded by Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and Ethiopia. It is considered to be one of the fastest growing nations in the Sub- Saharan region. The major source of Kenya’s GDP consists of Agriculture, Manufacturing, Transport and Storage, Financial Services, Construction and Real Estate. The government of Kenya is investing a huge amount in developing the infrastructure and is always encouraging foreign investment. The economic perspective also looks robust in the coming years. Kenya has signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement with India, Zambia, UK, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and Canada.

  • Kenya is considered as Africa’s hub for Financial, Communication & Transportation services.

  • The government has executed many regulatory reforms to ease the process of investment.

  • The foreign direct investment is growing rapidly.

  • It offers a Tax Holiday for a period of 10 years.

  • It provides subsidies to industries for importing raw materials.

  • It has the most developed stock market in the Eastern and Central African region.

  • It consists of skilled and enterprising labour force.

  • It guarantees repatriation of Capital, Profits and Interests.

requirement to open a company


  • Minimum 1 Shareholder (any nationality).
  • Minimum 1 Director(Any Nationality) but if the director is not present in Kenya the company should appoint a Local Director.
  • There are no minimum share capital requirement.
  • It is mandatory that the company should have a local registered office.
  • It is obligatory for companies with a share capital of KHS 5000000 to appoint a Company Secretary.


  • Copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • Copy of the Company’s KRA PIN certificate
  • The Registered office of the company
  • Postal address
  • Phone number
  • Email registered on Itax


  • Name Reservation
  • Assistance in Company Formation
  • Assistance in opening of a Corporate Bank Account
  • Assistance in VAT Registration
  • Provision for a Registered Office
  • Assistance in Company Secretarial Services
  • Auditing, Accounting & Taxation (if required)
  • Post Incorporation Services (if required)


Setting up a company in Kenya takes generally takes 3-4 weeks to complete along with the formalities.
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