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Company Formation Outside India

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    Doing business overseas and developing globally is the fundamental aspect of every business. In fact, global growth is a defining point and a matrix that rates the success of any business. To incorporate the business overseas or to relocate your existing business is quite a challenging task that requires an astute mix of proper management planning, logistical support, financial flows, precise jurisdictions, tax incentives, knowledge of marketing policies, etc.

    Incorporating or registering a company overseas is one of the pivotal ways to manage worldwide commercial activities. Business setup outside India is an excellent approach for every business firm to expand its presence across the world by optimising its capital, manpower, technology and information. A country that not only ranks high in terms of ease of doing business but also offers maximum tax benefits is indeed the best location for residents across the world to incorporate a Company.

    To ensure, smooth expansion of client’s businesses, S.K. Patodia and Associates provide a ‘one stop solutions’ under a single roof to all its international clients. Among various value added services for its global customers, S.K Patodia and Associates also provides company formation services outside India and helps relocate existing business across the world. The Firm has panels of proficient experts who have several years of experience in their respective domains and offers tailor-made company formation services.

  • S K Patodia & Associates Provides Wide Spectrum of Services in Relation to Company Incorporation Outside India such as:

    1. Allocating suitable overseas location for incorporating the company
    2. Proper business plan, expansion, diversification, business re-organization and financial re-engineering
    3. Assisting in legal due diligence agreements
    4. Accompany throughout the process of company formation outside India which includes paperwork, working with local registrar of companies and producing complete set of corporate documents
    5. Professional assistance in acquiring Business & Industry specific licenses
    6. Complying with the local foreign exchange regulations for investments & repatriation of capital

    As a firm, S.K. Patodia and Associates strives to accomplish its client's business goals and helps create a benchmark for them to stand out in the international market. The firm just needs client’s approval, and rest of the formalities such as document draughting, submission to local authorities, verification, obtaining a certificate of incorporation, Liaising, etc. is taken care by our able team of professionals. The added benefits include organising, managing and running your business efficiently and successfully all across the world.

    S.K. Patodia and Associates is a quality service provider that aims at facilitating the client’s business at each level of company formation. To know more about our services you need to go no further! Just write to us at

    The firm works on the principle of practising rather than preaching!

Among the various countries where we offer company formation service, the most popular countries are:

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