Quick Company Formation in USA

  • Why Register a Company in the USA?

    The United States of America has a liberal economy and consistently classifies as the best because of its competitiveness and effortless way of doing business. Company registration in USA is profitable as it is home to approximately 318 million people from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and offers a unique culture for growth. The country originated on the fundamental principle of uniformity and equality. Additionally, it has a lucrative and open consumer market. According to the survey of Department of Commerce, the flow of foreign direct investment into the United States and its territories rose from $160 billion in 2012 to $187.5 billion in 2013. It is a nation of immigrants from diverse religions, cultures, ethnicities and races. Thus, a successful company formation in USA requires proficient strategies that can not only maximise profits but additionally give the best returns on investment.

  • Types of Companies in the USA

    The Corporation: This kind of organisation is well-suited for outside investments or venture capital. A corporation is an organisation that is separate from its owners, so that irrespective of what happens to stakeholders, the business continues until it legally dissolves. Depending on state law, a corporation can be owned by just one person and has just one director and officer. The owners of a corporation are known as stakeholders. The corporation exists separately from its investors, directors and employees. The corporation, shareholders and directors have specific duties and obligations to each other. Liability of shareholders is limited to the amount of shares held by them.

    Limited Liability Company: This kind of company is best suited for owners looking for a less formal structure. Additionally, it could be someone seeking to invest in real estate, corporate businesses or passive investment. It provides safety to the proprietors, easy to maintain, tremendously flexible for legal and tax purposes. LLC offers customised solutions to the owners and serves well as a source of appropriate revenues among members.

    Sole Proprietorship: This is the uncomplicated business type, where everything is directed exclusively by an individual. A person is responsible for the firm, including all liabilities, profit and loss. It is both easy to form as well as dissolve. They usually have no tax aspects. Business liability is treated as a personal responsibility of the owner.

    Partnership: An alliance of two or more individuals, corporations, LLC's and trusts is termed as a partnership. These people are responsible for the firm, including all liability and any profit or loss.

    The challenges of functioning and company registration in USA are often daunting - protocols are persistently growing and no business landscape remains static. The knowledge of domestic and international business culture is essential to organise businesses successfully overseas, which is the strength of S K Patodia & Associates. The company is a one-stop solution that helps all its clients with customised, credible and hassle free services through its in-house business process solutions. Each area in the USA offers prominent spots for companies with its excellent connectivity and easy access to the other Market.

  • Procedure for Company Formation in USA

    • Choosing a state of Incorporation
    • Reserving the company name
    • Providing a Registered Agent (Every state requires a registered agent to represent the company within that state)
    • Filing the incorporation papers (Articles of Organisation)
    • Holding the organisational meeting
    • Adopting the bylaws and the operating agreement
    • Obtaining the federal Employer Identification Number
    • Opening a Bank Account
  • Requirements for Company Registration in the USA

    Basic Requirements for Company Formation in USA

    • Minimum 1 Shareholder (any nationality)
    • Minimum 1 Director (A local director is required to be appointed for incorporation of LLC in the USA. Although this requirement varies with the state of incorporation of company)
    • No minimum Capital requirement (However, in US, capital requirement, may vary from state to state)
    • Locally registered virtual office

    Documents Required for Company Incorporation in USA

    • Certificate of Incorporation
    • Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
    • Organizational Minutes and Bylaws
    • Share Certificate/ Member Certificate
    • IRS Form SS4- Application for Employer Identification Number
  • Our USA Company Formation Services

    • Preparing the relevant documents for USA company formation
    • Our company kit includes 1 pre-inked stamp, copies of Memorandum & Articles of Association (“M&A”), a Share Certificate Book and Statutory Book
    • Registered Agent Service
    • Documents dispatching and forwarding charges
    • To arrange the appointment with the Local Bank for opening of corporate bank account
    • One set Certified True Copies for opening of bank account
  • Advantages of Incorporating a Company in USA

    • Companies that operate in the USA tend to grow more rapidly
    • Doing business in the international market allows an organisation to enhance the quality of their product. Moreover, it enables them to achieve competitive benefits
    • The key aspect of how to start a company in the USA is readily available across diverse sectors along with its highest per capita income
    • This region offers futuristic infrastructure and a host of appropriate technologies to new and emerging businesses
    • Due to its cost effectiveness and high-quality features, the USA has yielded some of the best premium ventures and profitable businesses
    • The United States has entered into tax agreements for the primary purpose of eliminating double taxation
    • The renowned concept “time is money” is taken very seriously in the US. Punctuality, speed and accuracy are an essential part of American business etiquette and deadlines are strictly adhered here
  • Time Period for Company Formation in USA

    It takes approximately 6 days for company formation in USA.

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