advantages of company formation in UK

The United Kingdom is also a global financial hub, with London frequently specified as the prime financial capital of Europe. Along with the status of European economic capital, the United Kingdom has a prominent gamut of favourable attributes for new industrialists. The kingdom’s business environment is a model of stability and simplicity. A highly competitive and business-friendly tax climate helps make the U.K. one of the most appealing commercial homes in Europe. The sheer power of its currency especially in emerging economies like India makes UK company formation even more viable.

  • The U.K. is a fertile ground for businesses that offers significant opportunities and capital for expansion thereby making it a remarkably beneficial spot for commercial development

  • It enormously fascinates investors from all around the globe to nurture their business

  • Foreign investors are treated with great connectivity. Take, for instance, direct aircraft facilities from all the prime cities in the world

  • The UK has kept pace with state-of-the-art technology and enhanced infrastructure development

  • It helps to remove trade barriers

  • It reduces the business costs

  • It offers greater business efficiency

  • The U.K. offers one of the world's highest standards of living, and a variety of cultural institutions and amenities make it one of the most preferred places

requirment to open a company


  • Minimum 1 Shareholder (any nationality)
  • Minimum 1 Director (any nationality)
  • Director and Shareholder can be one and the same person
  • Registered office address


  • Company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Details of the Shareholders, Directors and people with significant control
  • Standard Industry Classification (SIC) Code
  • Completed Application form IN01
  • Copy of the passport or ID of the Shareholder, Directors and members


  • Checking for name availability and reserving the same
  • As required by law, carrying out ID checks of the members to ensure compliance with anti‐money laundering regulations
  • Preparing the incorporation document and the statement of compliance in line with the standards set by the legislature
  • Submitting the prepared documents and following up with Companies house to obtain Certification of Incorporation
  • Services for registered office for the first year
  • E-mailing the Certificate of Incorporation


It usually takes 13 days for company registration in the UK.
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