advantages of company formation in Ukraine


  • Sectors

    It has diverse economic sectors such as Agri-Business, Energy, Transport, IT, etc. Agri-Business accounts for 40% of the total exports. The development in the IT sector is rapid and received more than 2.8 billion in 2016.
  • Location and Transit

    Ukraine has a conducive access to the Sea route for transport of goods to other countries across the globe. Additionally, it has seven major ports, 200 merchant ships, and a substantial spread of roads and railways. Further, Ukraine maintains a free bilateral trade agreement with Hungary and enjoys good trade relations with other European nations.
  • Taxation

    Tax Holiday is introduced for certain sectors such as Agriculture, Investmen Funds, etc. as well as businesses with an annual turnover of less than UAH 3 Million. Additionally, small businesses enjoy 0% taxation for a period of 5 years (10 years for the hospitality sector).
  • Swift Processing

    The time required for formation of a company in Ukraine is much lower as compared to other countries.

requirement to open a company


  • Minimum 1 Shareholder (Any Nationality).
  • Minimum one Director.
  • The Director is required to have a work permit No minimum capital requirement, a company can be formed with a minimum share capital of UAH 1.
  • No requirement to appoint a Company Secretary.
  • The company should have a local registered address.


  • Application for State Registration of the company and choosing the legal entity.
  • The decision of the owners for the formation of the company.
  • Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation/Company Charter/Company Constitution.
  • Application for voluntary registration of a Taxpayer.
  • Power of Attorney (if a representative will perform the registration).
  • Tax Certificate issued in Ukraine and Passport of the Foreign Citizen.


  • Assistance in Company Setup
  • Opening of a Corporate Bank Account
  • Provision for a Registered Office
  • Taxation & DTAA Analysis (If required)
  • Obtaining Tax Residency Certificate (TRC) (if applicable or required)
  • Post Incorporation Services (If required)


It usually takes 1 week for setting up a company in Ukraine. However, the registration with the Tax Authorities takes around 2 weeks.
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