advantages of company formation in Tunisia

One of the smallest countries in North Africa, Tunisia boasts of being one of the most diversified economies of the North African stretch. The business-friendly government of Tunisia has formulated many policies in Tunisia, which has led to the growth of many sectors like tourism, manufacturing and agriculture.

  • It is also known for its high standard of living with a high level of education and social programs that keep the population in check

  • Primary exports in this territory include chemicals, phosphates, food, and textiles and petroleum products

  • It has a flourishing private equity market

  • It is brimming with highly qualified human resources

requirement to open a company


  • Minimum 2 Shareholders
  • Minimum 1 Director
  • No minimum requirement for Share Capital, however as per Industry practices it is TND 1000
  • At least 1 Director and 1 Shareholder must be a Tunisian resident
  • Registered Office Address
  • Not mandatory requirement to appoint a Company Secretary; however, it is advisable to appoint one


  • Printed Signature Form
  • 10 registered copies of the Articles of Association
  • Two copies of the Minutes of the nomination of the Shareholders
  • Four copies of Passport of Shareholders
  • Two copies of APII declaration
  • Four copies of Certificate of Ownership of the premises where the head office is located
  • Four copies of Bank receipts for the opening of a bank account


  • Preparing relevant incorporation documents
  • Registration of Statutes with the authorities
  • Tax and Customs Stamp
  • Commercial Registration
  • Legal publication & others
  • Common Seal of the company
  • Assistance in bank account opening
  • Director’s Resolution for bank account opening
  • Provision of Registered Office Address
  • Provision of Company Secretary


It usually takes 11 days to set up a business in Tunisia.
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