Company Formation in Switzerland

  • Why Start a Company in Switzerland?

    Company formation in Switzerland is most sought after due to its reputation as one of the most stable economies in the world. Its political stability and long-term monetary security make it a haven for foreign investment. Additionally, it is one of the best countries to live in and offers individuals a high quality of life. The booming sectors in Switzerland include banking, micro-technology, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, among others. However, industry and trade make for most of its economy. If you are looking for Switzerland company formation, S K Patodia & Associates help make the procedure less taxing and more time-efficient for your business.

  • Procedure to Incorporate a Company in Switzerland

    • Reserving a company name
    • Opening a bank Account
    • Drafting the Articles of Association
    • Notarizing personal and corporate signatures and authenticating the Articles of Association as well as the Public Deed of Incorporation
    • Depositing the required capital in the Bank
    • Filing of the Stamp Declaration Form and the Lex Friedrich Declaration Form
    • Registering with the Swiss commercial register
    • Filing an application with the Federal Tax Administration after incorporating at the Swiss Commercial Register
    • Registering for the Swiss VAT
    • Registering with the Social Insurance System
  • Requirement for Business Setup in Switzerland

    Basic Requirements
    • Minimum 1 Shareholder (any nationality)
    • Minimum 1 Director is required (must be Swiss Resident)
    • Registered Office Address
    • Minimum paid up share Capital is 20,000 CHF
    Documents Required
    • Specimen signature of the managing board
    • Copies of passport of Shareholders and Directors
    • Company Bylaws stamped by notary
    • Confirmation from bank on deposit of share capital
  • Our Services

    • Consultation Session
    • Evaluation of the right legal form
    • Examination of the company’s name availability
    • Tailor made by-laws for your company’s purpose and circumstances
    • Creation of the Shareholder’s register
    • Lex Friedrich and Stampa Declaration
    • Notarization of all documents
    • Filling of Bye-laws with the commercial register
    • Memorandum of Association
    • Verification of Incorporation in the commercial registry
    • Accounting Service
    • Filing of residence permit
    • Assistance with the bank account opening
  • Time Period

    It takes approximately 18 days for company registration in Switzerland.

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