advantages of company formation in Spain

Company formation in Spain is getting a boost due to its steadily growing economy. Although it suffered a huge economic crisis, it currently is the fourteenth largest economy in the world. Although the procedure to set up a business in Spain is comparatively simple, it can be time-consuming if not followed correctly.

  • Its economy is growing steadily at the rate of 3%

  • It has a great inherent culture, affordable education and housing, and lastly a standard quality of living

  • As a part of EU, it plays an important role in international affairs

  • It has political stability

  • Sectors that are growing - mobile devices, biotechnology, technology, etc.

requirement to open a company


  • Minimum Capital Requirement is Euro 3000
  • Local Registered office address
  • Minimum 1 Shareholder
  • Minimum 1 Director


  • Certificate of deposit of capital in bank account
  • Certificate of reservation of the desired name at the CMR
  • Original Identification Card/ Passport of the Directors, Shareholders and the Signatories
  • If appearing through a Power of Attorney, an original deed must be provided
  • Declaration by the Directors for acceptance either personally or through Public Notary Deed
  • Details of Shareholders
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Provisional CIF


  • Checking for name availability and reserving the same
  • Services for Company Secretary
  • Services for local resident nominee Director
  • Services for local registered address
  • Notice of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Common Seal, Share Certificates, Statutory Registers/Minutes
  • Minutes of first Directors ‘meeting
  • Directors’ resolution for bank account opening
  • Appointment with Local Bank
  • One set of Certified true copies for opening of Bank Account


It takes approximately 28-30 days for company registration in Spain.
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