Company Formation in Netherlands

  • Netherlands Company Formation

    Company formation in the Netherlands has been a popular choice for investors and entrepreneurs alike. Many reasons make it an attractive ‘Gateway to outsiders’ looking to register new companies. Some of these include its stable economy, liberal trade and investment policy, strong entrepreneurial skills, efficacious industry standards, high-quality infrastructure, among others. Additionally, import-export makes 60% of its GDP, making Netherlands one of the most trade-dependent economies. We at S K Patodia & Associates strive to provide our clients with the best possible services at the most competitive prices so that you can achieve the most out of your business setup in Netherlands.

  • Procedure for Company Incorporation in Netherlands

    The following steps will be used for your company registration in Netherlands.

    • Reserving a company name with the Ministry of Commerce
    • Opening a Bank account
    • Preparing the company’s Deed of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association
    • Presenting the application forms, details of directors and shareholders, Articles of Association to the public Notary for signature and approval
    • Submitting the necessary documents to the Chamber of Commerce for obtaining the registration number
    • The Chamber of Commerce will make an announcement in the Official Gazette (Staatscourant) regarding the incorporation of the new company
    • We then submit the registration form with the local tax authorities for obtaining the tax number
    • A separate Registration Form will be submitted to the tax authorities for obtaining Income Tax Number
    • The last step involves registering with the Social Security Authorities
  • Requirements for Company Formation in Netherlands

    Basic Requirements
    • Minimum 1 Shareholder (any nationality)
    • Minimum 1 director (any nationality)
    • Registered Office Address
    Documents Requirements
    • Completed Application Form
    • Notarized and Apostilled copies of Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum & Articles of Association, details of directors and shareholders of the company
    • Apostilled copy of Audited Financial Statements for the previous year
    • Copies of the passport of the shareholders
    • Extract of Companies Registrar
    • Apostilled copy of Certificate of Good Standing
  • Our Services

    • Checking for name and location availability followed by reservation
    • Evaluation and Orientation regarding the most appropriate tax category
    • Evaluation and Orientation regarding the most suitable company form
    • Preparation, Drafting and Elaboration of Company documents (like Articles of Association or By- Laws)
    • Complete analysis of all the other required corporate documents
    • Coordination with Public Notary and formalisation of the By-laws
    • Filing of Articles of Association or By-laws with the commercial registry
    • Preparation & Submission of articles of association and company name to the Ministry of Commerce for obtaining approval
    • Prestigious Address in Amsterdam
    • Forwarding of Incoming Post by Email
    • Trademark Protection in Netherlands
  • Time Period

    It usually takes five days to incorporate a company in Netherlands.

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