advantages of company formation in Germany

Germany is one of Europe’s most important markets. 35 % of the European Union’s GNP is generated in this country. Germany is the fifth largest national economy in the world. Germany’s location in the middle of Europe offers great business opportunities. Following are the advantages of company formation in Germany.

  • Germany is Europe’s leading economy and one of the world’s largest economies.

  • It offers a large domestic market and an easy access to the growing markets in the enlarging European Union.

  • Germany is still the world’s number one exporter

  • It is based upon a free market economy, combined with regulative measures from the state.

  • For years, Germany proved to be one of the top regions for foreign investors.

  • Germany is one of Europe’s most cost-effective locations and still, keeps its high productivity rates and quality standards.

  • Transportation infrastructure makes Germany Europe’s number one logistics market.

  • Entered into DTAA with various countries.

requirement to open a company


  • Minimum Capital Requirement Euro 25000
  • Minimum one shareholder
  • Minimum one director
  • Local Registered Office
  • Bank Account must be opened before company formation.


  • Scanned passport of the chosen director and shareholder
  • Scanned proof of address (utility bill) of the director and shareholder
  • Company name for the new company
  • Description of activities for the new company


  • Incorporation of German UG
  • Opening of Bank Account
  • Registration with Chamber of Commerce
  • Application of VAT Registration and Tax Registration
  • Services for Local Registered Address
  • Services for Bookkeeping


It takes approximately 15 days to incorporate a company in Germany.
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