Company Formation in Estonia

  • Why Does Estonia Attract Foreign Investors?

    Estonia is a country located in the North of Europe and is characterised by a modern market-based economy. It has strategic trade relations with Finland, Germany, Russia and Sweden and is best known for its electronic and telecommunication sector. Its physical and cultural proximity to Denmark, its attractiveness to foreign investors and the highly qualified institutions have led to increasing number of investors making a beeline for Estonian company formation thereby ensuring that the strong economic growth continues.

  • Procedure to Register a Company In Estonia

    • Reserving a company name with the commercial register
    • Preparing the company’s Deed of Incorporation and Memorandum & Articles of Association
    • Registration the Company
    • We send an electronic filing request to the Commercial Register (possible for the holders of Belgian ID Card)
    • OR
    • The public notary will verify incorporation documents and present it to the Commercial Register
    • Acquiring Licenses for special business activities from the Register of Economic Activities
    • Registering the company as a VAT payer at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
    • Registering the Employees in the employee registry at the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • Requirements for Company Registration in Estonia

    Basic Requirements for Company Incorporation in Estonia

    • Minimum 1 Shareholder (any nationality)
    • Minimum 1 director (must be a resident of European Union)
    • Minimum Share Capital of EUR 2500
    • Registered Office Address
    • Physical Presence of Directors and Shareholders in Estonia if they opt for manual registration

    Documents Required for Starting a Business in Estonia

    • Details of the Shareholders
    • Consent letter from the Shareholders for opening a company in Estonia
    • Certificate from the bank stating the deposit of the share capital
    • Extract from Commercial Registrar in case of Corporate Shareholder
    • Notarized copy of Memorandum and Articles of association
    • Notarized copy of Consent letter from every member to act as a member of board
    • Information on the planned principal activity
  • Our Services for Company Registration in Estonia

    • Checking for name, activity and location availability and reserving the same
    • Evaluation and Orientation regarding the most appropriate tax category
    • Evaluation and Orientation regarding the most appropriate company form
    • Preparing, drafting and elaborating the Company documents (like Articles of Association or By- Laws)
    • Complete analysis of all the other required corporate documents
    • Filing of Articles of Association or By-laws with the Commercial Registry
    • Registration of the company with the tax administration department
    • Registration of Employees with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board
    • Prestigious Address
    • Forwarding of Incoming Post by Email
  • Advantages of Doing Business in Estonia

    • Estonia has a free, market-based economy which includes a balanced budget, a flat-rate income tax system and a fully convertible currency pegged to the Euro
    • Estonia owns a competitive commercial banking sector, and a hospitable environment for foreign investment, including no tax on reinvested corporate profits
    • The climate to operate a business in Estonia is very easy as there is very little bureaucracy
    • There is always an excellent supply of well educated, honest and hardworking workforce
    • Their tax rate is low and the procedure for tax registration and payment is rather simple
  • Time Required for Estonian Company Registration

    It usually takes approximately 7 days for company formation in Estonia.

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