Company Formation in Bahrain

  • Why Company Formation in Bahrain?

    Company formation in Bahrain is a lucrative option for businesspeople belonging to the trade sector as it boasts of major trade routes in the Persian Gulf. Additionally, it is known for its advanced transport and communication facilitates and is home to diverse multinational firms. However, the economy of this nation is heavily dependent on oil. Petroleum production and refining, account for more than 60% of Bahrain’s export receipts. Additionally, it also makes for 11% of GDP (exclusive of allied industries) and 70% of government revenues. After oil, aluminium production makes for the second largest export of Bahrain. Other important economic activities include construction and finance.

  • Procedure for Company Formation in Bahrain

    • Selecting the business activity and entity
    • Reserving a company name with the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MOIC)
    • Application to be made at the Bahrain Investors’ Centre
    • Obtaining licensing and approvals if required
    • Gaining municipality site approval
    • Notarization of Company Documents at the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs’ Public Notary at the Bahrain Investors’ Centre
    • Issuance of Commercial Registration
    • Publication in the Official Gazette
    • Registration at the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry, if required
    • Registration with the Labor Market Regulating Authority (LMRA)
    • Registration with the General Organization for Social Insurance
  • Requirements for Business Setup in Bahrain

    Basic Requirements for Company Formation in Bahrain

    • Minimum 2 Shareholders (any nationality)
    • Minimum 2 Director (any nationality)
    • Registered Office Address
    • Minimum Share Capital Requirement of BHD 20,000

    Documents Required for Company Formation in Bahrain

    • Company registration application form
    • Copy of Memorandum of Association
    • Copy of Articles of Association
    • Capital Deposit certificate
    • Financial auditor’s report or evaluation letter for in-kind capital
    • Certified copy of Passport with visa pages
    • Copy of CPR of Bahraini partners
    • Certified Original Bank reference letter and certified copy of CV
    • Power of attorney for registration agent, if applicable
    • Sponsorship Agreement, if applicable
  • Our Services for Company Registration in Bahrain

    • Assisting with all matters relating to company incorporation in Bahrain
    • Documentation, Legalisation and necessary approval for Incorporation in Bahrain
    • Complete documentation, submission & approvals from all departments
    • Trade name reservation and obtaining approval for company activity
    • Preparing and arranging for the Memorandum and Articles of Association to be signed
    • Registering the company with the Labor Market Regulating Authority (LMRA)
    • Submitting and applying for the visas
    • Registering the company with the General Organization for Social Insurance
  • Time Period for Company Formation in Bahrain

    It generally takes around 9-10 days for starting a business in bahrain.

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